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Trolley Weekend 2000
These pictures were taken on the "Trolley Weekend" held on the 9th and 10th September 2000
The Museum houses not only London trolleybuses but also vehicles from other provincial towns.
Because this site is primary dedicated to London's trolleybuses, only these vehicles were photographed.

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Picture 1118
#260 Pulls into the main boarding point for passengers.
Picture 1119
Eager passengers quickly load, oblivious of the trolley pole being turned by the conductor on the nearby tram.
Picture 1120
Hmm... Should the trolley booms dewire, an 18 foot bamboo pole would be needed to make contact with the overhead again.
Picture 1121
With passengers on board the journey commences with London tramcar #1858 seen in the distance.
Picture 1122
Our route out passes the sub station providing power to the overhead for both the trams and trolleybuses.
Picture 1123
Before reaching the terminus, the depot is passed on the right while in the background #1201 is about to be brought into service.
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Pictures 1124 and 1125
At the terminus a reversing triangle is used [a three point turn under power]. A similar wiring arrangement was on Route 654 near Crystal Palace at Versailles Road, provided if trolleybuses were unable to climb Anerley Hill, but used regularly once every Saturday.
Picture 1126
The turn has been completed with #260 about to retrace its outward journey.
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Pictures 1127, 1128 and 1129
The "Trolleybus Weekend" had a special focus on London Trolleybuses with #1201 and #1768 serviceable for passengers at defined times throughout the period. Sadly their deployment was generally interlaced with trolleybuses from other systems with #1521 'hidden' in the depot.
Picture 1130
London #260 continues to 'wire wipe' the internal network, passing London Tram #1858 on the way.
Picture 1131
Meanwhile London #1201 is about to enter service.
Picture 1132
Arriving at the main boarding point.
Picture 1133
Eager passengers surprisingly choose the lower deck for their ride. Note the Roundel on the rear window.
Picture 1134
With no further passengers waiting .....
Picture 1135
..... #1201 departs.
Picture 1136
Passes the depot en route to 'Ponders End'.
Picture 1137
#1201 is ready for the return trip to the main terminus. #1768 can be seen in the background.
Picture 1138
A picture that could just as easily have been taken half a century ago! #1201 in wonder land with the kids under control also.
Picture 1139
At long last the 'star' of the weekend, #1768, is brought into service.
Picture 1140
#1768 slides into the main terminus behind #1201. Pity that an LT bus stop sign is not used here.
Picture 1141
After this weekend this trolleybus will never carry passengers under power again. So a queue quickly forms for a piece of history.
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Pictures 1142, 1143 and 1144
The Museum will grow from strength to strength over the ensuing years, but sadly London #1768 will no longer be part of the scene. A shame that London tram #1858 was not positioned in the terminus for better photographic opportunities. The last operational Q1 is no longer available for a ride - shortly to be found in the London Transport Museum at Acton.
Picture 1145
#1768 among strangers no more. Sigh.