Feedback Page Withdrawn

Due to the high level of spam entries posted on my Feedback pages and indeed the current low level of genuine entries from those surfing this site, it has become necessary to remove the facility from this site. It takes an inordinate amount of time and effort to delete unwanted entries but more importantly such activity distorts the site statistics of visitors movements, eats into my bandwidth allocation and left unchecked could exhaust my web hosting space quota. Collectively such actions could bring the site down.


Of course I still welcome feedback from site visitors which can be addressed to and I often add these comments manually on pages found by clicking the red square against many of the thumbnail pictures; so please keep them coming! If necessary a new "red square" will be created for thumbnails that don't have that feature.


So to return back to the home page of just use this hyperlink: or use the menu to the left.


David Bradley
14th April 2013