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With the exception of JK24, all pictures on this page are from the Robert Harley collection.
The trolleybus pictures were taken by Alan Watkins. Reproduced with the kind permission of Ann Watkins.
This Guest Gallery is also page 3 of the 696 & 698 Picture Gallery.

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Picture WSE
West Street, Erith
From: "Ian Fuller" <>
Mildred Road is on the left and the Ship PH can be seen between the two trams, looking towards Belvedere. The level crossing to the lower ballast quay is just beyond the left hand tram.
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Picture BRE
Bexley Road, Erith
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Erith 14
Picture JK24
This is another Erith Corporation Tramways picture taken in Lower Road, Belvedere, the road on the left is Mayfield Road, to be found on the 696/698 map. Locals, however, would probably call it Halfway House, after the nearby pub.
bx1 Picture BX1
Location Unknown
cs1 cs2 Pictures CS1 and CS2
Junction of Market Place and Bexleyheath Broadway.
bb1 bb2
Pictures BB1 and BB2
Bexleyheath Broadway. This is the Crayford side of the Clock tower. The trolleybus is outside Hides, a local department store. This is now the Broadway Shopping Centre. To the extreme left of the picture is where a WWII bomb was discovered in April 2000, which closed businesses and nearby residents were evacuated for two days. The bomb was laying there when this picture was taken!
Picture BS1
The trolleybus is emerging from Beresford Street, Woolwich. Holy Trinity Church is alongside, [demolished in 1958]. On the right of the picture is the main gates to the Royal Arsenal. [The football team were once a works team].
Picture CY1
Location thought to be between Crayford and Bexleyheath, [London Road, Watling Street]. There weren't many leafy areas on the routes.
Picture BX16
Market Place, Bexleyheath
Picture BX2
From: "John Linge"<>
This picture is, I am 95% sure, is between Townley Road and the Clock tower at Bexleyheath. This would mean that the trolley is just short of the same position as the tram in BX16 [left], but about 50 yards short. The trolley would have been travelling towards Dartford.

Acknowledgements to "John King" <> for most of the caption information

Picture of tram at Abbey Wood Terminus