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 Tram along the Emannkment Tram along the Embankment
Pictures HT1 and HT3
Photographed from Waterloo Bridge
Tram at Blacfriars
Picture HT2
At Blackfriars, just coming off the bridge onto the Embankment.

Most tram routes along the Embankment were circular routes operated with paired numbers, viz 2/4, 16/18, 36/38.

The common part of each route diverged at the Elephant & Castle with the higher route number providing a clockwise service [in via Westminster and out via Blackfriars].

Routes 36/38 used the opposite convention.
Tram Derailment comming off Westminster Bridge
Picture HT33
At the other end of the Embankment with the car about to turn onto Westminster Bridge. It looks like the other tram left the tracks after coming over the bridge instead of turning onto the Embankment. Only routes 31, 33 and 35 used Kingsway [tramway] Subway.
 Tram 391 on the temporary bridge over Deptford Creek London tram on the temporary bridge over Deptford Creek
Pictures HT10 and HT15
Trams on the temporary bridge over Deptford Creek. in 1949 it was necessary to replace the lifting bridge over Deptford Creek on Creek Road, Greenwich/Deptford. A temporary bridge was built, complete with double conduit track. The new bridge was built without tracks as the 68/70 routes were withdrawn in early 1951.

The E/1 tram in picture HT15 is another example of the cars described in picture HT11 [below].
 London Tram 1908 on Southwark Bridge  London Tram on Southwark Bridge
Pictures HT13 and HT14
The 'City' terminus of London's Trams on Southwark Bridge. This was the terminus for the 6, 10, 46 and 48 routes. Additional services were the peak hour routes 52 and 60.

Picture HT14 is an ex-West Ham Corporation tram [#68], built in 1931.
Greenwich Church Picture HT11
Greenwich Church the terminus of the 68/70 routes. The place hasn't changed very much since this time, but has been considerably cleaned and smartened up. One of those buildings which is facing on the bend is now the entrance to Cutty Sark DLR station.

Fleet numbers 552 - 601 were allocated to the 1930 delivery of E/1 trams. These cars used electrical equipment from single deck class 'F' and 'G' trams withdrawn when the Kingsway Subway was rebuilt to accommodate double deckers. This batch could always be recognised by the wide pillar separating the central windows in the lower saloon. They gained a reputation for being underpowered and many were allocated by New Cross Depot to the 'slow road', which was the nickname for docklands routes 68 and 70.

Most of this batch of trams survived until system closure although the car seen here was scrapped in 1951.
London tram at Southwark Bridge terminus
Picture HT27
An ex-West Ham car waits at the Southwark Bridge terminus. These trams had smaller side advertisement panels unsuitable for the 'Last Tram Week' posters.

The large building with the arched roof is Cannon Street Station.
 Downham Way, Grove Park  Downham Way, Grove Park Downham Way, Grove Park
Pictures HT17, HT18 and HT21
Downham Way, Grove Park, possibly near the change pit. The LCC planned a tramway extension to link Grove park with Middle Park, Eltham. The necessary powers were obtained for the project but when London Transport took over, with their different ideas on tramways, the extension was never built.

Picture HT21 shows one of the E1s rebuilt after collision damage with a modified roof and upper deck. There were three cars rebuilt to this particular pattern [2, 982 and 1260]. The picture is probably of car #982.

In January 1952 the 54 tram route was replaced by bus route 69. In February 1960 that bus route [69] moved to north of the Thames to replace the East End trolleybus route 669.

From: "Blair Robinson" <>
Thanks for a very evocative website. I've just purchased a kit of an E1 tram, and needed some colour photos to get the paint somewhere near right. The photos show them just as I remember them, and I was just old enough to be allowed to travel on them by myself just before they disappeared, even travelling from Catford via Forest Hill to and through the Kingsway Subway!

Photos HT17, 18 and 21 do indeed show the change pit in Downham Way. If you look closely in 18, you can see the conduit curving towards the "6-foot", or the centre of the road [just below the lifeguard]. I used to cycle over and watch the changeover's regularly; the other place that I used to see this was at Woolwich, where we used to go on the 75 bus, and, having crossed the river and back on the Free ferry, would sit on the top deck at the bus terminus, and watch the shoe changing on the adjacent catch pit!

You wouldn't be the Dave Bradley I used to work with occasionally on the old Eastern Region, BR, when we were testing track circuits for electrification in the Hackney Downs area, would you? If so, greetings! I'm still working, now with Jacobs Engineering, and still doing signalling surveys etc.
[DB: Sorry, no]

From: "Michael Aslin" <>
I love the pictures HT17, 18 & 21. Lots of memories of catching trams at the Downham Tavern stop.

Around the early fifties I got the tram to go to the "Splendid" cinema for an evening picture. I did not always like the tram ride down Downham Way, as, if the tram was fast it bounced all over. On this occasion after the road pickup exchange I thought one day a tram will go straight across the road instead right to Catford. Would you believe it on return from the pictures sure enough there they were with flood lights sorting out a tram that indeed left the rails finishing up on the other side.

From: "Len & Olive Williams" <>
To confirm pictures. HT17. This tram is setting off to travel up Downham Way on the Grove Park extension. It will shed it's road pick up shoe just after the marker post. You can just see the handle of the shoe "shovel" bottom right corner.

These picture titles should state Downham Way starting the Grove Park extension. The latter is a couple of miles away.

HT18 The tram is picking up it's shoe. It has come down the hill. It will then travel a few yards to lower the overhead pickup pole then move on for the right turn to Catford.

HT21 The first tram of the picture the conductor is placing the pick up wheel for the overhead supply for travel onwards to the Grove Park terminus. The second tram is ready to go. Both will shed shoes after the marker post. The shoe guide "shovel" handle is clear in the right hand lower corner.

I am most interested in the Grove Park extension.
Wandsworth terminus in York Road
Picture HT30
Just arriving at the Wandsworth terminus in York Road.

The trolleybus wires were for route 612 which ceased operation on the same day as tram route 31 [30/9/50].

The captions to the London tram pictures were written by John King who enjoyed studying the photographs and writing the captions for them. Most of the places are very familiar to him and he states that the Eltham group of photographs look no different today except for the absence of trams and increased traffic.

Further background data was provided by Geoff Bannister and Tel and Pete

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