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  • Horse drawn services began on 16 September 1871
  • Electric commenced on 29 October 1891
    [the service to Roundhay being the first British system with conventional overhead]
  • Services ceased on 7 November 1959

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209 210
Pictures 209 and 210
Almost the end. Dowdy trams in November murk seen from opposite ends of Halton terminus. The service 22 track to Templenewsom can be seen curving away behind Horsfield 193, whilst the "Corn Exchange" destination on the two Horsfield's reflects the previous summer's closure of the 12/26 Belle Isle & Middleton circular formerly linked to this and the other York Road routes.

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Picture 505
Railway Enthusiasts Club tour on 30 Nov 1958
Picture HT3
HR2 no. 277, ex London 1881, unmistakably on the reserved track through Roundhay Park heading from Roundhay to Moortown. Note the destination '3 Roundhay Circular', against '2 Moortown Circular' in the opposite direction.
Picture HT1
LCC no. 1 about to become LCT 301 inside Kirkstall Road works. Note Leeds blind and London livery - a very rare picture indeed!

An uncertain future for this tram?
Picture HT2
Car 301 in full LCT livery as it waits at the route 1 Lawnswood shelter outside Barclay's bank in City Square. The car has worked through from Harehills via Sheepscar.

The City - Lawswood route is to be reactivated in its entirety, apart from a short diversion to a modern Headingley shopping complex, and extended as part of the Leeds Supertram system.
Picture HT5
Arrival of the Feltham's heralded livery experiments, as evidenced by this rather Londonesque version on 509 at Dewsbury Road terminus. Previously LUT 334 and LPTB/LTE 2078.

Trying to board a tram in the middle of this now extremely busy trunk road would probably be classed as an extreme sport!
Picture 506
The last surviving Beeston Air Brake 399 in its final role as Swinegate depot shunter. Note the large fender and missing platform glass.

This car can now be enjoyed at Crich, in 20's primrose, chocolate and white livery with trolley pole and small indicators.
Picture HT4
Feltham demonstrator 2099, later LCT 501, turning from Duncan Street [Boar Lane is its continuation to rear and left of the photographer] into Briggate.

With the Feltham in full LCT livery behind, this dates from after becoming 501. This car is now in the LT collection as MET 355.
Picture 507
#589 is running along Easterly Road, not far from it's junction with Roundhay Road. To the left of the tram you can see the Clock Cinema.

This short line, along with the trackbed for the Seacroft extension which was built and never used, is to be reactivated between 2003 - 2007 as part of the Leeds Supertram system.
ht6 ht7
Pictures HT6 and HT7
Outside Kirkstall Road works in ex works condition. 278, ex London 1883, is the other HR2 which was air braked in Leeds. 279 never was, which is why shots of it tend to be much rarer than the other two.

Feltham 530 is ex works with a pantograph, this and 517 having ex Sunderland units for trials. These ended spectacularly when one of them not only did severe damage to the overhead in City Square in the rush hour but managed to deposit its pantograph contact strip on the Majestic cinema's roof!   Previously LUT 325 and LPTB/LTE 2071.
Picture 589
Ex-London "Feltham" #589 is seen at Whingate terminus.

Previously LUT 385 and LPTB/LTE 2154 before reaching Leeds.

Picture numbers prefixed with HT are from the Hugh Taylor collection.

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