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Roy Barnacle <roybarnacle@verizon.net> writes:

I have several post cards from London's Transport Museum of trolleybuses which site visitors may wish to view. All these postcard views are probably still available from the two LT museum sites at Covent Garden and Acton. Due acknowledge of their source is made.

I was born at the Angel, Islington [1936] and lived in North London between Newington Green and Dalston Junction. My tram/trolleybus rides were through some pretty gritty areas; Angel, Dalston, Hackney, Cambridge Heath and Shoreditch. To this day, I vividly remember catching the 647 at Dalston, through Shoreditch, Aldgate, Leman Street and to it's grim and desolate terminus in Dock Street for the London Docks. None of your straight and wide Uxbridge Roads or tree-lined Croydon streets here! But the trolleybuses were as at home there as anywhere.

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Manor House
Picture LTM 202
A K2 - #1322 taken at Manor House in 1961. It's hard to imagine that stone sets were still in place then! Alongside is one of the new Routemasters that replaced the trolleybuses on Route 629.
Uxbridge Terminus
Picture LTM 344
A 1959 Picture showing a nice stable of F1 Leyland bodied trolleys on route 607 in the Uxbridge lay-by Terminus.

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Picture LTM 39
A Q type [#1768 preserved by LT] passing the Odeon cinema in Uxbridge in 1960. Unfortunately, the cinema wasn't preserved! Nice collection of 60s vehicles.
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Uxbridge Road
Picture LTM 205
Two trolleybuses on Route 607. Note the cycle path, which was a feature of many roads out of London. Sadly most disappeared in road widening's in the 60s and 70s. Like the cute lamp on the pole!
Bushey Road, Merton has to this day, the cycle lane still in place [link to picture 354].
Napier Arms
Picture LTM 7
The old Napier Arms terminus at Woodford and shows #1253 [An LT preserved vehicle]. If you ever wondered why the trolleys ever stopped so short of the town it was because they refused to have wires strung through the town. [Winston Churchill was their MP!] Rout 581 was a favourite trip of mine - sometimes stopping off at The Rising Sun pub [lemonade and crisps as a lad, and beer and a sandwich later on.] Just down the road from the Napier Arms terminus was a great stretch for black berrying.
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The captions to all the pictures on this page were written by Roy Barnacle
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