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Service introduced on 2 Oct 1935 - Ceased in 1 Oct 1966

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Picture 17
Usually the 44 service turned at Newcastle's Central Station by continuing alongside the station to the end of Neville Street to turn at a roundabout. On this occasion Sunbeam S7 no. 501 has deviated into Bewick Street and will follow Clayton Street West to reach the far end of Neville Street. This wiring was always used before the roundabout was built in 1953, but was left in place for operational flexibility and used on occasions such as this.

501 is one of only two Newcastle trolleys in preservation, Q1 628 being the other. Owned by Beamish Museum, who carried out the superb restoration work, 501 can often be seen in operation at other trolleybus centres around the country. 501 and 628 worked together again at the East Anglian Transport Museum in 2011, for the first time in almost fifty years.

Picture 19
Shields Rd, Byker. This vehicle is about to turn right towards Welbeck Rd. Note the parallel overhead - the left hand set goes along Shields Rd to Wallsend Boundary.

Picture 21
Q1 no. 584 enters Byker Depot yard from Shields Road. Byker Depot was one-way; trolleybuses entered at this point and exited at the far end of the depot onto The Fossway.

Picture 22
Q1 no. 622 enters Byker Depot at the Shields Road entrance.

Picture 23
Q1 no. 622 joins the queue to enter the gloomy shed entrance at Byker Depot. The buildings used for trolleybus standage at Byker were originally built for the electric tram system in 1901. They really were 'car sheds'!

Picture 24
A sombre view in Byker Depot yard of withdrawn Q1s and a Sunbeam S7 trolleybus awaiting their final journey.

Picture 25
Another view in Byker Depot yard of what looks like well over twenty withdrawn trolleybuses awaiting their final journey.

Picture 31
Q1 no. 626 enters Gallowgate en route to Brighton Grove. The 35 group of services were the last trolleybus routes operated in Newcastle, the final day of operations being 1st October 1966, 31 years to the day since the system began.

Picture 32
Q1 no. 605 enters Blackett Street on a 35 or 35A service en route to Church Street in Walker.

Picture 33
Q1 586 enters the eastern end of Proctor Street from Station Road in Walker, part of a terminal loop through the streets which replaced an earlier turning circle at the foot of Church Street. Note the removal of running wires on the right hand side of the picture, once used by westbound 34 services from Wallsend Park Road to Denton Square via City Road.

Picture 34
Q1 no. 624 passes the western end of Proctor Street as it heads down Church Street to the terminus. After circling via Station Road and Proctor Street it will re-emerge at this junction for the return journey to either Brighton Grove or Denton Square. Note the removal of running wire on the left hand side of the picture.

Picture 35
Another rare shot of preserved Q1 no. 628 in service in Newcastle. It is pulling away from Church Street terminus stop but must first turn via Station Road and Proctor Street before working a 35A service to Brighton Grove in the west end of the City.