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Service introduced on 18 July 1936
Ceased on 3 November 1968

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Armour Hill terminus
Picture 170
Armour Hill terminus of route 18 in the early summer of 1961.

Trolleybus #143
Factory Bridge [Kings Road] Reading Trolleybus 174 Pictures 171 and 905
Trolleybus #174 is seen on Factory Bridge [Kings Road] en route for Wokingham Road on route 17 in 1961.

Saved from the scrap yard, it can be found forty years later at the Black Country Museum
Picture 905 is from the Irvine Bell collection
Ridleys Bridge
Picture 172
On Ridleys Bridge, [also on Kings Road] en route for Wokingham Road on route 17

Trolleybus #171
Whitley Wood overhead reverser Whitley Wood overhead reverser More Information

Pictures 800 and 801
Trolleybus #192 is seen using the Whitley Wood overhead reverser. The only other reverser that could be found on the system was situated at the junction of School Road and Westwood Road in Tilehurst, between May 1939 and April 1966. Trolleybuses turning there would show the destination of Westwood Road/Tilehurst and turned right from School Road into Westwood Road and reversed back out again into School Road. With traffic becoming heavy in the area the reverser was removed in April 1966 as it was deemed too dangerous for trolleybuses to reverse back out on to the main road.

153 at Whitley Wood
Picture TMR1
153 at Whitley Wood
111, 139 and 148 in Mill Lane
Picture TMR3
111, 139 and 148 in Mill Lane
Cemetery Junction
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Picture TB180
The picture of trolleybus 180 was taken at Cemetery Junction on the 31 December 1967 while on hire to the NTA. It is seen having arrived from the Liverpool Road terminus and is about to run round the corner on batteries to Wokingham Road and then re-connect with the overhead [there was no direct wired link]. This was common practice on tours of the Reading system. [Later that day the same NTA tour used BUT trolleybus #150 to close the Northumberland Avenue to Stations route].

Picture TB176
Broad Street, the main shopping thoroughfare in Reading.
Picture TB176A
Broad Street, the main shopping thoroughfare in Reading.
Picture TB182
Broad Street, the main shopping thoroughfare in Reading.
 . Picture 173
This picture was taken by Geoffrey Tribe and is reproduce with permission.

Pictures of a passenger carrying model of trolleybus #182 built by Maypine Trolleybus Company

The Preserved Scene for Reading Trolleybuses

Owner Generally found at: No. Registration Picture
British Trolleybus Society TTMAS 113 ARD 676 Reading 113
Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft TTMAS 144 DRD 130 Reading 144
Mike Russell,
BCLM logo 174 ERD 145 Reading 174
Harvey, Reading TTMAS 181 ERD 152 Standtoft Gathering 2000
Unknown BCLM logo

Reading 186 is actually preserved as Teesside T291. It was Teeside's last trolleybus.
186 VRD186 Readsing 186 [Teeside T291]
Bilbe, Reading TTMAS 193 VRD 193 Reading 193
Reading line up at Sandtoft
A big trolleybus event in May 2006 was the weekend of Reading Trolleybuses at Sandtoft.
[181 leads 144, 193, 113 and 174]

Here, five remaining Reading trolleybuses were assembled from around the country, and all of them operated! 193 was only on demonstration runs, however, as a failed trolleybase the day before the event meant that the last bits of restoration had to be abandoned whilst this was fixed. Others had been through an intensive restoration programme to make them fit and operable for the event.

In addition there were six visiting preserved Reading motor buses present. The event was fantastic and was absolutely great for anyone who remembers the trolleybuses of Reading.

Only a picture of the line up appears here, but more can be found on the BTS website at, and selecting the Reading weekend link. From this there is a further link to a page of photographs from the event.

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