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The Centre is the home of the largest collection of working historic trolleybuses in Britain, and probably the world. Visitors can experience the noiseless, fume less, trackless transport of yesteryear operating on an internal network of electrified trolley wires

This page is devoted to photographs of latest changes to the overhead circuit, completed in July 2003

red line

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Picture P57a
Sandtoft decided that a new loop was required in the overhead wiring in preparation for constructing a 'bus station' concept, with straight, level boarding to assist passengers, which will integrate with the planned runway extension. Peter Price splicing the new facing frog into the loop wiring, which had already been erected.
Picture P53a
View of the same location as Picture 57a but at ground level.
Picture P65a
View from the opposite end with the main line running wire strained off to the new trailing 'Y' frog.

The completed loop, with its frog from the Workshop line can also be seen, along with the new segment behind it.
Picture P66a
Both main line wires strung, with Peter halfway round removing the wires from the hooks and screwing up the ears.
Picture P69a
View from the top of the scissors lift back along the loop wiring from the workshop trailing frog. This frog is set up with a bias so that reversing through it puts you on the workshop wires.
Picture P70a
Bruce Lake tightening the last bolt on the 'Y' frog before testing could begin. The jumper cable is temporary and would be replaced [along with various other tidying up jobs] after testing.
Picture P11a
As dusk draws in on the 12th July, the three remaining operational Huddersfield Trolleybuses pose under the new overhead.
From the left: 631, a newly out shopped 619, and 541.