London Trolleybus Routes and Depot Allocations, 1950

Class allocations are throughout the entire period of trolleybus operation and may not have been simultaneous

Type Codes are (in order): Chassis, Motor, Controller, Bodybuilder (Not including wartime rebuilds) Leyland chassis shown BOLD

L = Leyland, A=AEC, V=Metrovick, E = English Electric, B=Brush, P=PRV, M=Metro Cammell, W=Weymann, R= BRCW

Q1 class is considered to be AEC since although sold and badged as BUT they were built by AEC at Southall

From: "Geoff Bannister" <>

The WD allocation must include trams - there certainly weren't 86 trolleys for the 612! [Having just looked at Oakley & Holland's "London Transport Tramways", they quote 16 trolleybuses in their data table. I think this may also be true of the HT figure. Perhaps a footnote to this might be useful.

Looking at the tabulations for the 1950 allocations for about the fourth time, it suddenly occurred to me that the table shows Holloway and Highgate the wrong way round. Holloway is the pre-1950 name for the depot which became Highgate to avoid confusion with the bus depot at Holloway [J].

It's certainly a fascinating bit of statistics.