Four Decades On
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Picture 1
Entering Ropley
Picture 2
Passing Friends
Picture 3
Joins the Party
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Pictures 4, 5 and 6
Historical Commercial Vehicle Run to Brighton in the 1960s
Vehicles seen are London Buses, class 'Q', 'T' and 'STL'

Notes By David Bradley
There is nothing particularly special or really good reason to put this small panel of pictures up on a trolleybus site but the images just happen to span the forty years or so, that I have been taken pictures of the public transport scene.

The top row of pictures were taken in 2000 at the Watercress Line during one of their special weekends of operating a "Thomas the Tank Engine" event whereas the bus pictures were taken early in 1960s during a historical commercial run to Brighton. I placed the lower row of pictures in the public domain sometime last year and received a very detailed email of the history of each the buses depicted. Sadly that email seems to have gone up in a puff of electronic smoke otherwise its contents would have been placed here. If the original writer could re-establish contact that would be nice, but equally if anyone else could provide background information that would be welcomed. Just drop me an email.