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Dave Hall discusses the level of co-operation between Societies and Museums

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Bearing in mind that I am responsible for providing Museum & Preservation News for the British Trolleybus Society journal 'Trolleybus', I have contact with a number of other groups and most are very co-operative. For example I receive copies of journals from the 'South Wales & Cardiff Trolleybus Project' [based in Barry], the East Anglia Transport Museum [Carlton Colville] and the National Trolleybus Association which enables me to update our members on the progress of these groups. I get occasional contact from a member of the Hastings Trolleybus Group and sometimes the Black Country Museum and also the Ipswich Transport Museum.

The National Trolleybus Association and the British Trolleybus Society have joined forces to establish 'Trolleybooks' who produce very good trolleybus histories. On a personal note I would love to see the two Societies merge into one with perhaps one branch devoted to modern day systems and the other for preservation.

Co-operation between Museums is usually pretty good. The British Trolleybus Society are currently restoring London 1812 and members at Carlton Colville have been very helpful in supplying materials. Other groups have donated to the cause.

I am very keen to give as much news about other trolleybus preservation groups as well as the British Trolleybus Society. After all, we have a common interest. The one group I cannot seem to establish contact with is the Bournemouth Heritage Group. I have put appeals for them to send in their news to me but this has been ignored. Perhaps I will Email them now I have access to their website with thanks to yours.

I hope the above will help you to see that many groups do co-operate, some more than others, but most make an effort.

email: Dave Hall

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