'Cabin' Car 821 Liverpool
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Horse Trams : First cars running on existing dock railway : March 1859
Horse Trams : First cars [Type A] Dingle route : Nov 1869
Electric Trams : First Public Service : 14th November 1898
[The pre-electric period starting date is complicated by the many
attempts at public street rail transport, most of which were short lived]

Tram Services ceased: 14th September 1957
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liverpool line

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This site proudly presents a selection of pictures, reproduced here by special permission and prefixed 'DC', that were taken by David Clarke on 30 July 1955

Picture 02 was taken by David Bradley

Pictures prefixed 'HT' are from the Hugh Taylor collection

Pier Head
Picture 02
Pier Head
Car 956
Pier Head
Picture DC1288
Pier Head (Liver Building)
Car 244
Pier Head
Picture HT21
Pier head
Pier Head
Picture DC1287
Pier Head (Boat Terminal)
Car 158
Picture HT27
Car 926
Picture HT25
Car 873
Picture HT26
Car 258
Picture HT22
Car 947
Outside Walker Art Gallery
Picture DC1281
Outside Walker Art Gallery/Museum, William Brown Street
Car 215
East Lancs Road (near junction with Townsend Avenue)
Picture DC1278
East Lancs Road (near junction with Townsend Avenue)
Car 889
Towards Lorenzo Drive
Picture DC1279
Heading towards Lorenzo Drive. Car 270
Picture DC1277
East Lancs Road at junction with Townsend Avenue
Brownlow Hill
Picture DC1283
Brownlow Hill [Adelphi]
Car 906
Picture DC1280
Utting Avenue [railway bridge]. Car 953.
Page Moss
Picture DC1286
Page Moss
Car 914
Edge Lane
Picture DC1284
outside Edge Lane Depot
Cars 977 and 288
Liverpool 869 sits at Crich Picture PSG16
Liverpool's 869 sits quietly in Crich Depot yard in July 2002 with other provincial trams seen in the distance. [Picture by P.S. Golds].

 Background information on 869's journey into preservation.
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Acknowledgements to "Ron Smith" <ronsmith@ispwest.com> and
"Mike Bukat" <mike.bukata@blueyonder.co.uk> for additional caption information