"00" Gauge Model Layout

Here are some recent pictures of Phil Bertram's Trolleybus project. The focus has been on the development of the overhead support brackets. The design appears to be successful. Phil is now working on the designs for switches and crossings.

red line

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Picture PB13
A side under view showing the clearance factor for the trolley shoes.
Picture PB5
Another angled arial view
Picture PB6
Getting under the wires.
Picture PB3
An angled side arial view of the hanger with the trolleys below. The trolley wire is soldered to the ears which are then inserted into the insulators and retained with wire and glue.
Picture PB4
A side arial view, if you look closely you can see the tops of the ears appearing through the insulators.
Picture PB7
Once again an arial view looking along the test bench. The next hanger along has failed, hence its angle.
pb8 Picture PB8
Corgi OOC London Q1 Trolleys pose under the first section of live overhead, supported by twin line hangers, designed and built by Phil Bertram using similar insulating principles as the prototype. The Trolleybuses are yet to receive their powered chassis or 'Faller' steering units. The overhead wire used on this test bench is only 28 gauge soft brass wire. It is intended to use the .30mm nickel silver wire produced by David Voice.