London Trolleybus seen from the Chiswick Flyover

A view from Chiswick Flyover - 1962
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Chiswick Flyover Site - 1957
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Notes by David Bradley

This picture was published in the September, 2004 issue of "Practical Classics" with the following caption:
"A view from the Chiswick Flyover circa September 1951 that could almost have come from a Ladybird book of that era, with its striped Belisha Beacon poles and an almost total lack of road markings.

The MOT test of the previous year has obviously had a major effect, as nearly all of the cars on view are less than a decade old. From the right foreground there's a Hillman Minx VIII DHC followed by what we believe to be an Austin 10/4 Cambridge - although your comments are welcomed if you think otherwise - a cow 'hipped' Austin, an A50 Cambridge and a Ford 103A Prefect. They are in front of some more recent Dagenham models; a 105E Anglia De-Luxe, a Zephyr MK II saloon and a Zephyr MK II convertible.

The van following the trolleybus is the once-ubiquitous CA Bedford and behind it is an Austin A30. Filtering off left is a brace of Minors and approaching the right-hand zebra crossing is yet another Ford in the shape of a 100E Prefect. The BP station in the background, with its Quality Tested Products, looks like a Vauxhall-Bedford franchise, judging by the F-Type Victor Estates and TK Bedford trucks on display, but someone has obviously traded in a %% Minx Estate for Luton's finest. The Q-Class trolleybus in front of the Zephyr convertible has less than a year to live. It was phased out on May 8 1962."

From:"Bob Peel" <>

Just had to message you concerning your view from the Chiswick Flyover.

Before the flyover was built I lived with my family at 45 Surrey Crescent - which was located just about where the Austin A50 is captured in your terrific photo. We left our house, together with all our friends and neighbours, in 1957 - after which our row of houses were demolished to make way for the round-a-bout beneath the yet to be constructed Chiswick Flyover. My estimate of time that your photo was taken would be 1961 rather than 1951.

I have attached a photo taken of the round-a-bout in early 1957 when our houses were still standing in Surrey Crescent [and I was still living there]. As you can see the original small roundabout is still there - although the temporary one [much smaller than the final one shown in your photo] was then in use.

We travelled everywhere on the trolleybuses - back in those days it was a penny-hapenny to Brentford Swimming baths [on either the 667 or 657] and threepence to get to Isleworth baths on the 667 [on it's way to Fulwell and Hampton Court].

Hope this is of interest to all.

From:"Ed Brunton" <>

I was demobbed from the Army in 1959, having served in Cyprus. and joined London Transport as a Driver, initially working out of Fulwell Depot, but was later transferred to Hounslow towards the end of 1962. My father was also a trolleybus driver for about 30 years, so to see this excellent website with all the buses I used to drive from Fulwell Depot has been absolutely fascinating. I have spent hours trying to enhance the pictures to see if I could see myself or my father driving. I believe I have found my father in Picture 310 at the Chiswick Flyover, my father was a slight man and that used to be his profile when driving. I am not 100% sure but am 95% sure that it is him. He passed away about 28 years ago so it was very important for me to try and find him.

I probably drove every bus at Fulwell Depot at one time or another. When you consider you drive 2 buses a day and by the way I still have my badge - a metropolitan carriageway licence T13238. I was at Fulwell until 1961, my favourite route used to be the 667, Hampton Court to Hammersmith. I had a clippie on the back I believe her name was Marge, she was approx. 10 years my senior and also later on I had a little, stocky Welsh man, I believe his name was Ron, of course this was 40 years ago now. While I was at Fulwell Depot we went through the change from Trolley Buses to Routemasters. I was a rotten son because I found it amusing that my Dad and three other drivers had such a hard time with the transition, the pre selector gears were a real problem for them. One thing I used to love with the trolleybuses though, I used to enjoy creeping up on an RT waiting at the traffic lights on the inside lane and when the lights changed green I could just leave him in the dust. The acceleration was terrific on those trolleys provided you didn't have two or three trolleys behind you that would suck up all the power in the wires.

When I transferred to Hounslow Garage, I also got a new badge - public service vehicle driver - N58811 - this one was red and white as opposed to a dirty green and white like the previous one.

While at Hounslow I drove RT's and later Routemasters - 116, 117, 81 and many others but my favourite route was on a Sunday to drive the 73 from Hounslow to Stoke Newington. Well I think that's enough but once again I want to thank you for this excellent website to see the actual buses I drove and to look for myself driving one of trolleybuses. One way I would know myself is I always wore driving gloves. By the way my father's name was Will. If anyone remembers myself or my father I would be glad to hear from them. One correction, I never drove the Diddler.

Thanks a million!
Ed Brunt

From: "Bernard Bannister" <>

It was nice to see the old route again, I was a driver at Isleworth Depot 1953 when we had the Q1s right till they closed down. I had some good times specially at the time of building Chiswick Flyover.

Keep up the good work,
Bernie Bannister formerly known as Roger; I don't know why.