London Trams and Trolleybuses in Station Road, West Croydon

Trolleybus in Station Road, West Croydon
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Station Road, West Croydon in 2000
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Comment by David Bradley:

Station Road, West Croydon. In the foreground is the turning circle for trolleybuses of route 630 [note the overhead wiring in top right of picture]. The 75 bus is en-route to Woolwich with the approaching trolleybus on route 654 en-route to Sutton with, what appears to be, enthusiasts 'wire wiping' the route from the front seats of the upper deck. Note the line of parked cars up the hill in the background.

This May 2000 picture, from the same location, does not convey just how busy this stretch of road has become with a constant stream of buses serving a bus station which now occupies the vacant piece of ground seen in picture 412. As in nearby Tamworth Road, part of the public highway is now a tramway reservation; so parking for free on the hill is no more, just an expensive public car park to the rear of the new office block is available for today's motorist.

Peter Gibbon's Tramlink map is from: