West Croydon Regeneration Objectives

The key objectives for the sub area are to:

The anticipated growth in public transport services provides the opportunity to encourage the redevelopment of the station and the adjoining bus station, incorporating trams and buses in liaison with transport operators.  A mixed use scheme will be encouraged, with smaller complementary shopping area uses provided at ground floor and non-family residential flat development above.

The Council will seek retail uses on the London Road frontage, which should be of a scale and type to reflect this transitional location. Shopping Area Uses [A1, A2 and A3] will be acceptable throughout the remaining part of the sub area with office use or residential uses above.

Building Design

The Council will seek the redevelopment of the station and adjoining area, with a new development over the platforms and a new concourse created. The Council will seek to encourage reinvestment in the properties on Station Road or their redevelopment, with the exception of those which are on the Local List of buildings of Architectural or Historic Interest [6-12 Station Road]. The potential to re-use the old station building opposite the bus station will also be promoted.

Public Realm

Major comprehensive redevelopment of the station and associated interchange functions should include a quality built form and public realm. The focus open space for the West Croydon sub area is undefined but should be easily accessible.

Function and Character

Its function as a gateway to Croydon and the need to express a sense of arrival should be reflected in any redevelopment. Clear directional stimuli of its interchange function should be expressed in the public realm integrating rail, tram, bus, car parks and pedestrians. Clear directions and visual cues for pedestrian dispersal should be incorporated.

The layout and design of pedestrian links, open spaces and materials should be contemporary, hard wearing and robust. The area should be clutter free; materials should be harmonious and merge with the materials in the Retail Core. This area provides a good venue for sculptural features.

The Council will seek to improve the setting to St. Michael and All Saints Church and increase the amenities in the area generally. A new civic space in the vicinity of the Church will be sought, which will function as an informal public space for people visiting the shopping facilities in the Retail Core and/or using the tram, bus, train or taxi services in the area.

London Road

The redevelopment of the station site should provide an ideal opportunity to improve the public realm in London Road and provide for the sense of arrival at this gateway location.


General proposals for the movement of pedestrians and vehicles in the sub area include:


The area will include information kiosks at focal points capable of dealing with all public transport and way finding requirements; detailed signs and information boards with clear concise information and a series of finger signs throughout.