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Picture TR8
Two London Transport vehicles, ex South Metropolitan Electric Tramways and Lighting Company (SouthMet) tramcar No.39s and ex General ST bus on my layout which is still being taken to shows after 30 years.
Picture TR10
A new tram had been built. A London transport class E/1 fighting for road space. The dreadful houses were an advert for Crosby doors. The best we could do 30 years ago.
Picture TR9
General layout view with London Transport RT, E/1r and B1 vehicles.
Picture TR11
A scene outside the tram depot with the E/1, E/3, RT bus and a "Dinky Supertoy" Guy Vixen "Ever-ready" van. Nothing is boxed-mint in my collection!
Picture TR12
A Hastings Tramways trolleybus fashioned from a plastic push-n-go toy "Routemaster" bus made to run in the same manner as the "Diddler"
Picture TR13
A Bradford trolleybus created in the same way as the Hastings one by filing all the riveted mouldings off and building up the full front with plastic card. The original bonnet can still be seen. Trolley gantry and booms were added and that was all it took to create a very acceptable model.

The captions to all the pictures on this page were written by Terry Russell
who would welcome your observations and comments.

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