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Service introduced on 29 October 1923 - Ceased on 5 March 1967

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Queen Square
Photographed on or before the first stage of the Wolverhampton conversion [9th June 1963] when route 4 was withdrawn. The bus, a Sunbeam W of 1946, was fleet number 429 and probably lasted until the final conversion in 1967.

Route 4 terminated in Chubb St, near the High Level station, and route 9 was a cross-town route from Jeffcock Road to Amos Lane.

From: "Andrew Woking" <>
Just a short note to say what an excellent site you have there. I well remember as a boy travelling to school in Wolverhampton on the fleet of trolleybuses owned by that town's corporation.

I now live in Croydon, and it was good to see so many shots of London vehicles [on this site] too!

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The Preserved Scene for Wolverhampton Trolleybuses

Owner Generally found at: No. Registration Picture
Black Country Museum bcm 78 UK 9978 No Picture Available
Black Country Museum bcm 433 DUK 833 1050
Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Trust, Wythall, Worcs. Presently housed at the
St. Helens Bus Museum
616 FJW 616 No Picture Available

Information compiled from the British Trolleybus Database site
with additional material on trolleybus 616 provided by "Lloyd Penfold" <>.


600 Picture 600 [Comment by David Bradley]

Much to my surprise this picture is of a Derby Depot, exactly the circumstances of having just a single picture in my collection of this system remains a mystery to me.

The picture shows trolleybus 175, one of the Sunbeam W/Park Royal utilities, withdrawn 1965. The depot is thought to be Ascot Drive, but might be the other depot in Osmaston Road.

From: "Tony J Griffin" <>
Just browsing through your site again and spotted the shot of Derby 175 Utility, which actually lasted later than 1965. It was the last utility trolley in the fleet and, I believe, the last to run in the country. It was withdrawn in April 1966 and I saw it on a peak hour extra, just before my sixteenth birthday on the 13th. Regrettably didn't have my camera that time so I never got a shot of it. One of those "if only" moments!

The picture is definitely Ascot Drive depot, which opened to motor buses in 1949 but only to trolleybuses in 1959, a mere eight years before the system closed. Ascot Drive was sometimes displayed on blinds as "London Road (Park Gates)" and remains in use today, by DCOD's successor Arriva Derby Ltd.

1053a Picture 1053a

Even more remarkable is that this particularly trolleybus has been preserved and was to be seen at the Sandtoft Gathering on 30 July 2000 with sister vehicle #172.