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Pictures 592 and 593
Seen in the first picture is Geoff Sawford, in the foreground, with Roy Hubble as the driver, operating an "0" Gauge Model Trolleybuses on Terry Russell's c1962 layout, populated with London Transport models. Both four wheel and six wheeled versions were on show.

Models were either a modification of a commercially available model RM bus or entirely scratch built. The six wheeled trolleybuses were an amalgam of two RM models.

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Pictures PB1 and PB2
Phil Bertram's "OO" scale trolleybuses created from Corgi, Original Omnibus Company [OOC] models that are being progressively modifying into full working vehicles. The Trolleybus logo on the models are part of the high standard of finish produced by Corgi Models.

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Picture Q1
The Corgi Q1 trolleybus in the livery of London Transport is a really attractive model and extends further the large range of LT models in 00 scale available to railway modellers. A Premium Bonds advertisement is carried on the port side and a milk advert on the starboard side. LT Trolleybus logos are attractively reproduced front and rear. The Registration number carried is HYM830 and the fleet number is 1830. The vehicle is on route 603 to Richmond Park.

The 35ft long prototype was built by the British United Traction Company [BUT], entered service in 1948 and was reckoned to be the best designed trolleybus in the LT fleet.


Pictures HO1 and HO2
The layout is only 120cm x 120cm, which makes it ideal to transport and to fit in any little spot at shows. It only takes about 20 minutes to set up due to the fact that battery powered services can operate immediately. Picture HO2 shows an HO Scale white metal kit [ACF Brill trolley] actually using overhead and steering by the Faller Car System. Swivel head Trolley poles were constructed by Phil Bertram. For more information contact Graeme Bennett or Phil Bertram