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Most of the pictures on this page were taken around the period that the service opened to passenger traffic

red line

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Picture 1008
Station Road
West Croydon
Inside the adjacent railway station, c1959
Picture 1012
Tram stop Station Road
West Croydon
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Picture 1011
Station Road
West Croydon
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Picture 1015
Tamworth Road
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1021 1020 1031
Pictures 1021, 1020 and 1031
Arena Tram stop on the first day of service. Tramlink is bringing a new mobility for many with a trip into Elmer's End to visit relations.
Picture 1030
Beckenham Junction.
Rare sight here to see two trams.
Picture A11
Approaching Sandilands
Picture A17B
Alms Houses
George Street
Picture A21
Alders Store
George Street
Picture A25
All lined up at
East Croydon Station
Picture 1010
Reeves Corner
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Picture 1013
George Street
1032 sign1
Picture 1032
Descending into Crown Hill.
The same location photographed by Harold Bennett in 1947 showing a tram of the period.
Limited edition print of a painting at this location showing a Feltham tram and LT bus.
Then & Now

Complete view of blind
More information on Tramlink destination blinds is at: